GC, NW Windborne Guardian Angel

Copper-Eyed White Persian Male
Born 3/17/1985

CFA's BEST Kitten, 1985-86
CFA's 4th Best Cat, 1985-86

GC, NW Ann-Ge's Cool Million of Windborne, DM x Kamsin Babe of Windborne

Of all the cats I have shows, Guardian Angel was the easiest and brought the most joy into my life. He ran free in my kitten room with his britches clipped back in purple barrettes to keep him clean. He loved the attention and was an easy going traveler--eating 5 small cans of Fancy Feast Salmon each morning of the show. Back in the mid 80's, the judges were not required to provide a cage for each cat in the finals, and when they ran short, they would set a chair with his number on it and I would leave him in the ring sitting on the chair. His show career was relatively short considering he was both Kitten of the Year and 4th Best Cat in the same season. His first open show was November 22 and he was retired the last week of March at 12 months old. There was no point in showing him in April as he could not move up to 3rd (too big of a point gap) and the count was going down. Sadly, I lost him at only 5 years of age to an invasive tumor in the facial sinuses. He was the last of the WINDBORNE WHITES. I did not breed cats or have any kittens for 3 years--when I traveled to Italy and saw Summermajik Leonardo when he was 3 weeks old.

11 months old
Best of the Best at Roses For Felines

11 months old

10 months old - BIG hair!

4 weeks old

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