White Persians… A Ball of Fluff
By Vicki Dickerson

Originally published in the 1983 CFA Yearbook

Is there anything more beautiful than a white Persian, in full coat, with exquisite type? Probably not in the eyes of a white Persian breeder. It is merely the white Persian's coat color and variety of eye color that sets it apart from all other Persians. There are three combinations of eye color recognized by CFA in the show ring: copper eyes, blue eyes and odd eyes.

First, the Persian standard calls for a copper-eyed white to have eyes of brilliant copper, but most judges and breeders perceive the deep brownish copper found on some whites outstanding, and the preferable shade of copper. Mrs. Lois Weston of the Simbelair Cattery and Mrs. Luisa Barsi of the Marlu Cattery feel that the brownish copper, like that of an old penny has been influenced by using creams in a white breeding program. There are also those white cats who have eyes of blazing copper or red copper. This eye color, more frequently found on blue Persians is perhaps derived from colorbred blues in the background of the white. Then finally, the brilliant copper, likened to a shiny-new penny and difficult to get with the brilliant intensity required without any flecks of yellow or rims of green.

Brown Copper
GC Maggie-Ann's Oozo

Blazing Copper
GC Jolee's Dresden

Brilliant Copper
GC Sun-Thunder Wind Star

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