Welcome to Windborne Persians ~ I hope you enjoy your visit.

We are located on the Central Coast of California in north Monterey County--a community named Prunedale.

Though you will find little in the way of kittens for sale or advertising here, the main purpose of this site is celebrate the past stars of our Cattery and also includes photos of our current Bicolor Persian breeding program. Additionally, I have included photos from foreign judging assignments, both the cats and the landscape/ architechture.

I was raised in a family where our pets were part of our family - they were treated with respect and love as our companions. Yes, my cats sleep on our bed and in our chairs, and are not relegated to a cage in a separate building. Breeding Persians and raising the kittens is a joy and an incredible experience. In order to enjoy the cats it has always been important to me to keep the numbers low so they can remain an integral part of our family. Windborne Persians was registered in 1977, and our first litter, which included our first National winner was born in 1978.

Raising Persians started out as a family hobby, including vital participation of my parents Barbara & Cliff Farrell-who are now both deceased.

My husband, Tom Nye and I, now carry on the Windborne cattery with the same dedication to producing healthy, home raised kittens with the sweet expression that was our vision in 1977.

The Persian is a wonderous cat, to be respected and appreciated and above all loved--I hope you share my joy in this breed.

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